“Flo – Concept Store”

Flo – concept store is a social cooperative of B type, offering opportunities for jobs to disadvantaged persons by means of an innovative marketing approach – the purchase motivation is based not only on the product quality, but also on the need to support restoration of the dignity of the person, who produced that product. The motto „Made in Italy” combines with a new entrepreneurial approach aimed at presenting empathy and human solidarity.
Shopping at Flo is a conscious, critical and transparent process, to the extent that the customer has the opportunity to become acquainted with the persons, who are producing and how they produce the products; at that, each product is presented with its rich history and its intention.
The cooperative offers its customers products made by worker producers’ social cooperatives or individual artisans formed in seasonal collections. Their retail store has a place in the average price range of boutique brands.
The concept of Flo retail store is a palette of fashion design, looking for new talents, traditional crafts, and implementation of domestic and international cooperation projects and creating real opportunities for disadvantaged persons.
The main strength of Flo are the persons and their wealth is the satisfaction when they find a home or person – an environment, where their products will still exist, after they left their retail store.
Results achieved:
Behind every product, there is a story with a social or environmental purpose. The products are handmade by persons with disabilities, in Italy only, often unique. This concept of the retail store supports disadvantaged persons, regardless of whether the support is physical, social or psychological. In fact, Flo is a social cooperative that serves as a shop window for these artisans.
Contrary to what we expect, when it comes to products of social cooperatives, the products selected by Flo prove that there are aware of the latest fashion trends and stylistic peculiarities.
The environmental concept underlies the interior of the retail store, made completely of recycled materials; striking is their revitalization, the attached new functions to otherwise old furniture and details. Excellent examples of eco-products are brooches and necklaces made of neckties, women’s handbags, silk scarves produced by Rosella Rossi exclusively for Flo or toilet bags made by an association of war widows in Ethiopia after a design made by a designer, who worked for Moscchino.



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