Irecoop Toscana

Irecoop Toscana is an educational agency of one of the cooperative unions in Italy – Confcooperative. Irecoop is an accredited training organization in the region of Toscana, ensuring compliance with quality standards by which it provides vocational training activities funded by public resources.
Main activities:
– educational activities aiming at qualification and requalification of the members and workers and training of new professionals to enter the labour market;
– projects for promoting the development of new enterprises and cooperatives at regional and national levels;
– consultations to cooperatives and enterprises to analyse their needs, to plan, manage and report on educational and training projects funded from EU resources;
– research activities;
– multimedia products in the field of education and training;
– selection of activities and staff recruiting.
Results achieved:
The experience gained over 15 years allows Irecoop Toscana to develop a portfolio of skills and knowledge in the field of education for socio-economic development, job training and counselling, conceived and designed in accordance with the needs and expectations of the customer and his/her professional growth.


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