Retail network & CP of NUWPC


Since the beginning of 2013, NUWPC started the implementation of a program for the creation and development of the retail network of NUWPC. The main objective of the programme is to support the development of own production by ensuring the sales domestically in its own chain of stores. To achieve this objective, the program provides all participants with, as follows:
– clear, workable and widely adopted regulation;
– unified vision of all retail outlets (shop window design, logo of the retail network of NUWPC, labels, packaging);
– assisting in procuring the appropriate trading equipment;
– support for staff recruitment, for raising its qualification and effectiveness;
– an information centre of NUWPC reporting on the movements of material flows; in this way, every producer is able to trace the movements of its products in the retail outlets;
– ensured low cost of transport services from the producer to the retail outlet (based on a framework agreement with a courier firm);
– Periodic marketing (consumer attitudes and expectations, potential, market niches);
– analysis of the activity of each retail outlet after economic, marketing and strategic indicators, supporting the continuous improvement of the results achieved;
– opportunity to develop e-commerce;
– support in developing marketing campaigns;
– advertising materials;
The surveys conducted showed that the Bulgarian market is accepting the cooperative products, describing them as of high quality, reliable and cost-balanced. Moreover, the data indicate the need to modernize the design, sales packaging or specific details of the products offered. These results encourage an increasing number of cooperatives to join the retail network of NUWPC.

At present, the retails stores included in the retail network are:
– Retail store for women’s clothing in Sofia;
– Retail store for children’s, juveniles, women’s and men’s clothing, toys and footwear, Sofia;
– Retail store for women’s clothing, Blagoevgrad;
– Retail store for household goods, women’s, children’s and working clothing, Samokov;
– Retail store and wholesale storehouse with women’s, men’s, children’s cloths, toys, footwear, household goods, Pleven.
In 2014, following shops will open:
– Retail store for children, women’s and men’s clothing, Sofia;
– Retail store for children’s clothes, toys and footwear, Blagoevgrad;
– Retail store for children’s cloths, Varna



The main purpose, which sets itself the card programme of NUWPC, is the formation of a prestigious community identity of all cooperative members and persons employed in the cooperative system through direct and explicit social support for them and their families, providing a wide range of goods and services within the NUWPC system and beyond.
The first cooperatives included in the programme are TPK “Dimitar Blagoev” and TPK “Nov Svyat”. NUWPC procured specialized equipment for printing the card carrier that guarantees a low cost and high printing speed.
Goods and services will be offered at a discount: clothing and footwear, household goods, medicines, foodstuffs, transport services, travel services, repair of household electric appliances, school supplies and stationery, furniture, textiles and others.



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