TPKI „Rodina“

TPKI „Rodina” was established in 1950 with following mission: labour and social realisation of the remnant work capacity of persons with disabilities. More than a half /51%/ of the workers are its members and at the same time, they exercise their right to work at the cooperative. Its special importance in the economic and social life of the country is the result of the fact that it provides jobs to persons with disabilities.
During an over 60-year long history, TPKI „Rodina” in involved in manufacturing, trading and services in the conditions of real working rehabilitation and social Integration of persons with disabilities.
Social policy:
TPKI „Rodina” provides a comfortable working environment for all its members. Along with other social benefits, provided by the rest of TPKI’s within the NUWPC system, the cooperative offers an expanded rehabilitation programme giving the opportunity for its members to once a year enjoy the balneotherapy programmes of NUWPC in the holiday homes of “Tourmedico” EAD. Furthermore, twice year -in the spring and in the autumn – the cooperative provides a rehabilitation programme in its own holiday home.

Today, the main production activities are ready-to-wear clothing and knitting. In addition, it performs metal-processing and bookbinding services. The cooperative offers the following types of ready-to-wear clothing and knitting:
– children’s clothing – knitted and ready-to wear clothing in bright colours and interesting designs. The cloths are made of yarns of wool/polyester, cotton, cotton/polyester, linen, etc. with original and functional applications and prints of favourite heroes from the world of fairy tales
– women’s knitted and knitwear clothing with simple and elegant design, made of cotton and elastane in modern constructive line and of perfect quality;
– men’s knitted clothing – T-shirts, scarves, hats, etc.;
– children’s and women’s pajamas – 100% cotton;
– sport dresses – shorts and sweatshirt – 100% cotton, shirts, tracksuits /fleece/;
– bed linen;
– souvenir pillows.
The cooperative is successfully implementing public procurement for children’s and youth’s sportswear /tracksuits and T-shirts/, knitted socks /sewn/ for NPP “Kozloduy”, sailor blouses with short and long sleeve /with notification/. With the permission of MLSP and on the grounds of Certificate No 0219-P issued by the Executive Agency “Certification and Testing”, TPKI “Rodina” produces and sells prosthetic socks for lower limbs /all sizes/.

The cooperative performs metal-processing services – repair of metal constructions, strengthening of doors, chairs, sports facilities and school inventory /desks, tables, shelves, etc./.
The bookbinding services include – binding of diaries, journals, archives and other, numbering of documents and making folders for congratulatory addresses, menu, honorary diplomas, etc.
The cooperative is able to produce clothing items for advertising purposes, Bulgarian martenitsas and greeting cards /handmade/, hand-made finishing – folding of boxes, binding of calendar bodies, brochures, etc.
Results achieved:
The brand TPKI “Rodina” with the motto “For mom, d and me,” is known both on the Bulgarian market and on the international one. This is confirmed by the fact that the children’s clothing collections “Spring – Summer 2007” and “School uniforms” in 2009 won gold medal at the International Fair in Plovdiv. The cooperative has more than 20 years of successful partnership with German, French, Italian and Canadian firms.
The produce quality of the cooperative is ensured by the quality management system implemented in compliance with the European standards under standard EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and standard ISO 2001-2008.
TPKI “Rodina” has gained experience in the development and implementation of projects with social and business orientation provided by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. It has implemented the project “We can do it together – a partnership model”, social projects and a business project. In 2006 and 2007, the cooperative has won and implemented two projects provided by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. In 2013, it successfully finalized a European project under OP “Human Resources Development” – a chance for all employees at TPKI “Rodina”.
The cooperative strictly observes the requirements of the Law on Health and Safety at Work and provides specialized medical care.

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