TPKI „Parvi Mai”

TPKI “Parvi Mai” was established on 18.07.1960. The cooperative has an industrial building in the town of Smolyan and detached workshops in the Smolyan quarter “Ustovo” and in the village of Smilyan, region of Smolyan.
At present TPKI “Parvi Mai” employs 70 persons, 49% of whom are persons with over 50%reduced work capacity.1
Corporate philosophy TPKI “May Day” reads: “The cooperative has adopted the social commitment to fully meet the requirements of its present customers, to seek new market niches, to achieve better efficiency and quality, to expand its production.”
Social policy:
TPKI “Parvi Mai” is implementing strong social policy, providing support to its members in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, guaranteed balneological relaxation, relevant work environment for the specific needs of persons with disabilities employed in the production. The strongest manifestation of the social policy of the cooperative was the retraining performed in accordance with the ongoing difficult strategic change in the production and transition to new technological solutions.2
Over the years, the cooperative had various field of activity: manufacturing and realisation of children’s and baby ready-to-wear clothing, knitted ready-to-wear clothing, hand knitting, metal and extruded products, packaging of cardboard and cellophane; it has operated mainly in the domestic market.
With the changes in the country occurring in 1989 and the transition from planned to market economy, the cooperative specialised in manufacturing of knitted clothing; at that, to load the production capacity, they mainly rely on contracting on commission.
At present, the cooperative is mainly manufacturing knitted clothing and packaging of paper and cardboard.
Results achieved:
3The financial result for the last two years is positive, and for the last reporting period was higher, indicating an increase of the positive results of the cooperative’s activity.
The technological renovation and improved environment and work conditions by implementing 11 projects provided by the APD, brought excellent results, such as the prestigious name of TPKI “Parvi Mai” – a synonym for reliable partner, providing regular orders from companies such as “Adidas”, “Puma”, “Reebok”, “Harley Davidson”, “Zara” and others.
The enterprise has a social commitment – the jobs provided are stable and despite the difficulties, the management aims by developing new markets to impose sustained jobs growth rate for persons with disabilities.

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