TPK „Mara Dencheva“


TPK „Mara Dencheva” is a specialised enterprise of persons with disabilities, established on 13.12.1963. The main purpose of the cooperative is to provide jobs to persons with disabilities, to give them the opportunity to integrate into society, for social inclusion through access to 2
As many as 21 employees are with 50% or more than 50% reduced work capacity due to musculoskeletal system or cardiovascular diseases and light mental disabilities.
The material and technical base was subject to renovation and it fully meets the market requirements.
Social policy:
The prevention in healthcare and safety at work, creation of jobs and keeping the labour potential is an investment in the health and welfare of the workers, it is a response to the policy of social integration of disadvantaged persons – to have access to quality photo 4jobs, to work and earn income ensuring their life and dignity.
In recent years, the leadership of the cooperative set itself the ambitious goal to make management of health and work safety a top priority of the overall company policy, and hence to increase the number of readjusted workers employed by the cooperatives.
The main directions of the cooperative’s social policy are:
– Prevention of workplace risk – creating a microclimate and work environment, meeting the requirements of Ordinance № 7/1999;photo 5
– Health prevention – preventive examinations, provision of health resort treatment to persons with reduced work capacity at rehabilitation and balneotherapy bases of NUWPC; at that, the costs are entirely borne by NUWPC, provision of work wear and personal protective equipment;
– Integration of persons with reduced work capacity into their work team, raising their self-esteem and social commitment through the organisation of joint excursions and team building with the participation of all staff that are fully funded by the Cooperative.
15TPK “Mara Dencheva” has stepwise invested in creating a favourable environment for work and rest, and in purchasing advanced equipment, with emphasis on meeting the specific needs and the needs of persons with reduced work capacity, in creating equal conditions of work and life. A complete overhaul of the working, storage and administrative rooms was realised. The image of the cooperative inspires confidence and creates comfort for the workers. Thanks to the cares given, the cooperative received an honorary diploma from the Mayor of Pleven as a firm of social importance in 2013.
Over the years, TPK „Mara Dencheva“ has developed diverse activities – clothing, manufacturing of paper and paperboard products, women’s handbags, bride’s accessories, plastic products, bookbinding services.
Nowadays, the cooperative is specialised in ready-made women’s clothing.
Results achieved:

The new technologies introduced facilitate the work of the persons employed by the cooperative and the highly efficient machines expand the opportunities for integration through employment of persons with disabilities. The jobs created were due to commissioning of following new machines:
– tailoring equipment increasing the productivity;
– a new band saw limiting the possibility of occupational accident;
– a fusing roller press;
– special computer-controlled machines for buttonholes and buttons;
– a stitcher machine;
– automatic machine for fillets;
– a programmable machine for stitching and sewing of labels;
– sewing machines with automatic cutting the thread and automatic reinforcing the seam’s beginning and ending.
TPK „Mara Dencheva” developed an innovative solution of the issue concerning the production costs for electric power, by implementing a photovoltaic installation.

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