„Dibiko” EOOD



The company was established in 2012 by decision of the General Assembly of TPK “Dimitar Blagoev” in view of support and social inclusion of person with disabilities. In four sewing workshops, services are performed – mainly clothing repair.
The good results of “Dibiko EOOD” are largely due to the democratic governance typical for cooperatives, enhanced by the specific quota presentation of the main professions practiced on the Board of Directors.

Social policy:
The Commission for Social Activity (CSA) of the cooperative is implementing strong social policy directed towards the members of the Company by:
– covering 40% of costs as follows: fees for kindergarten, balneotherapy referral card, transportation costs for persns living outside of Sofia001_1
– providing resources for the medical treatment of ill persons;
– providing preventive examinations: ENT, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, urologist, psychologist, neurologist; the persons are examined in a medical centre, which is a party to the cooperative under a contract providing for preferential prices for cooperative members;
– offering courses for occupational training organised by the Occupational Training Centre at NUWPC.
The main activity of the Company is sewing custom-made clothing, manufacturing of clothing (mostly light women’s clothing), repairing clothes.
Results achieved:
The principle adopted concerning the permanent improving the qualification of the executive staff, combined with teamwork between business and technology professionals gives excellent results – the provision of sustainable employment for 30 persons (40% of them with disabilities), annual profit guaranteeing wage growth and a dividend amounting to 40% of the paid-up share capital for each cooperative member.
There are healthy working conditions for all workers.
The sewing industry lacks skilled young workers. The cooperative organises annually courses to improve the staff qualifications. There is no division between adult and young workers; on the contrary, the older ones pass their experience to the younger colleagues and learn some news from them. Adults feel equal and comfortable, as everyone has a secure and indented workplace.
Given the non-rhythmic work and at times no work, the cooperative make efforts to provide work to DIBIKO as a subcontractor, to manufacture ready-made clothing of leading Western European firms from Germany, Austria, Spain and France.
In order to create European contemporary look of the rooms and to update the obsolete machinery, the company plans to apply for programmes provided by the APD. Currently DIBIKO is engaged in sewing clothes to customers based on individual measures and in small sewing services and in specialised in making uniforms for schools and companies. The firm is producing clothing for the trading network in the country and is used in the daily life of a businesswoman.


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