TPKI „Viktoria”


TPKI “Viktoria” is the successor of TPK “Victims of War and Fascism.” This is one of the first cooperatives of readjusted workers in our country. Its foundation took place at the end of year 1950 by 13 persons, disabled soldiers. In 1989, the cooperative took the name TPKI “Viktoria”.
The initial activity of the cooperative consisted in processing shorthair fibers. During the subsequent years, it developed also other activities, such as manufacturing of nets, bags, belts, baskets, mats, paper products, hand and machine knitting, clothing and more.
Since 1964, it specialized in producing baby and children’s clothing of knitted fabric and gradually dropped some side activities.
Since 1971, the cooperative has been producing baby cotton lynx knitwear, unique in the country. Their products are in great demand by commercial organizations. The trademark is a guarantee for beautiful, fashionable and comfortable baby and children’s clothing.
The production facilities are growing and at the end of the 80s of the last century, the number of employees reached 1500 persons.
As global changes occurred in Bulgaria in the early 90s of last century, disruption in manufacturing the product began for the cooperative in the Bulgarian market. This largely affects production – it is increasingly shrinking. Imports of baby and children’s clothing turned out to be a major competitor. The number of workers in the production dropped seriously. The cooperative, like a large part of production enterprises, is oriented towards contracting on commission; since 1999, the major share in production occupies contracting on commission for Spain and other countries.

Social policy:

TPKI „Viktoria” ensures for its members additional support by:
– providing food vouchers;
– providing season tickets for transportation to and from work;
– annual stay at balneological and rehabilitation centers of NUWPC;
– attending courses organized by the Occupational Training Centre at NUWPC, aiming at improving the occupational qualification.


Manufacturing of baby and children’s clothing, cotton and wool knitwear, bed linen, trademarks and labels, plastic parts, sewing and haberdashery, medical belts and trusses, floor mats, performing sewing and knitting services TPKI “Victoria” has its own building and two workshops with over 150 sewing machines. It participates in fairs and exhibitions organized by NUWPC. It is winning projects, one of which is: “Healthy and safe working condition” provided by MLSP.
The products made by the cooperative are of high quality and enjoy big success in the market for children’s and baby clothing. They are in great demand by traders both in Bulgaria and abroad.
The main objective of the cooperative is to expand its production, to find realization of the goods produced and to give the chance to more people with disabilities to work.

Results achieved:

The cooperative employs persons with disabilities who represent 45% of the available staff. The cooperative maintains the proprietary trademark “VIKI”.viki
For successes achieved the cooperative has obtained many awards from the City Union of TPK, it has won various competitions in Plovdiv and for a group of baby clothing it got the award “Golden Hands”.
Viki4TPKI “Victoria” participates with small collections in the International Plovdiv Fair and in other forums. Their clothing are highly appreciated by Bulgarian and foreign visitors. In 2010, in the exhibition within the International Plovdiv Fair the cooperative got a golden medal and diploma.
Going for export requires a lot of effort by all the staff. In order to satisfy the customer requirements, in 2005, the cooperative established, implemented and is maintaining a modern quality management system based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The system covers a totality of processes, responsibilities and structural units, ensuring the quality of its products and its continuous improvement.

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