The National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives in Bulgaria /NUWPC/ is an integral part of Bulgarian cooperative movement – one of the oldest in Europe, which has a long tradition and deep roots in society.

The first cooperative in Bulgaria became a reality in 1890,in the village of Mirkovo. NUWPC stems from the Union of Craft Producers’ Cooperatives, established in 1919. NUWPC became the General Union of Worker Producers and Crafts’ Cooperatives in 1950, then the Central Union of Cooperatives in 1953, the National /Central/ Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives in 1998 and the National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives at the Ninth Congress in September 2000.

The National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives is an independent organization that voluntary brings together worker producers’ cooperatives /TPK, TPKI/at national level, regional unions of TPK and other cooperative organizations – legal entities, and operate in accordance with cooperative principles and cooperative democracy.

NUWPC may associate with limited liability or joint-stock companies and form cooperative /EOOD or EAD/ and inter-cooperative enterprises /OOD or AD/ for individual activities in the interest of its members under Law on Cooperatives.

NUWPC may participate in a European Cooperative Society /SCE/ established under Regulation (EC) No1435/2003.

NUWPC perform their activity in compliance with the Law on Cooperatives, the Bulgarian legislation and their Statutes.

The main objective of NUWPC is to strengthen and develop the Union’s system in the spirit of cooperative values and principles and has following field of activity:

  • support its members to achieve the objectives and tasks of the Union;
  • develop guidelines for the development of cooperative activities
  • represent and defend the interests of its members vis-à-vis international, European, governmental, public and other authorities and organizations;
  • perform functions provided for in the Statutes and also other activities and services not prohibited by law.

Members of NUWPC are 251 cooperatives with over 14000 cooperators from all over the country. Based on the territoriality principle, they united into 14 regional /territorial/ union, which are also members of the National Union.

NUWPC covers also 30 specialized cooperatives for persons with disabilities. They employ 1,180 member-cooperators with a variety of physiological and psychosomatic diseases and disabilities, which constitute over 50% of the staff of these cooperatives. In the transition to a market economy, survival and integration are the primary concern of the Union.

The Union’s bodies are the General Meeting /Congress/, Board of Directors, President and Supervisory Board. The Congress /General Meeting/ consists of representatives of its member cooperatives and cooperative unions, the President and Vice-Presidents of NUWPCPK.

The General Meeting elect the President, the members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.

 NUWPC has created Tour medico EAD, implementing the social policy of NUWPC in the field of health and tourism. This organization opens and participates in undertakings for outpatient care, domestic and international tourism, accommodation and food services. Turmeric EAD is the owner of the capital of one-man limited liability companies and participates in six other companies to implement specialized outpatient care in various towns of the country. The Company owns 45 hotels offering modern facilities for leisure and recreation.

NUWPC is partner to “Cheque Dejeuner” –the affiliate of the Group “Cheque Dejeuner” – France, which has 40-years long experience, internationally, and is the indisputable leader in issuing food vouchers.

As the national representative organization, NUWPC in Bulgaria is a member of the National Council for Integration of Persons with Disabilities at the Council of Ministers, the BCCI, the BIA and the ESC.

The President of NUWPC Mr. Stilian Balasopulov is a delegate to the CCMI of EESC and Vice-President of CECOP, and the Unions member of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), of the International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers’ Co-operatives (CICOPA), Cooperatives Europe and of the European Confederation of Workers’ Co-operatives, Social Co-operatives and Social and Participative Enterprises (CECOP).

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